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Zamorin Global Ventures is a research, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and tech company that specializes in building custom solutions for complex problems.

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Custom Vision-based Solutions

Backed by multi-year computer vision knowledge, machine learning, advanced AI and image analysis expertise, we tackle the most complicated business problems. As a global leader that specializes in computer vision, we deliver custom solutions that are:

Apply custom AI computer vision solutions

Easily Build Ai-Assisted Computer Vision Models For Collecting Real-Time Data

Ensuring Safety

Security intelligence is critical. Safeguard people, facilities and commerce through real-time face recognition technology; compute people analytics and manage people flow.

Attention Control

Implement real-time biometric face recognition or people detection models to monitor people during public events, analyze the commitment of students during lectures, or ensure every exam is conducted in full compliance with regulations.

Employee Engagement

Turn the surveillance at your organization into a valuable source of information by implementing facial recognition and emotion recognition software.. Find out the precise demographic stats about your employees or visitors, tie their reactions to the exact points in an official context, and refine the data to receive actionable insights.

Built-In Vehicle Perception

Detect vehicles right out of the box with deep vision visual recognition API. Get vehicle directions, the year, make and model, and views from any angle. Easily tweak the motion and appearance-based parameters to optimize for your use case.

Easily Integrate Your Models

Easily extend our flagship CV models with your own AI models or build your custom models.

Make A Revolution In The Healthcare Sector

Build, deploy and run computer vision solutions to orchestrate all safety aspects in hospitals and research facilities. Let’s name just a few of them: automation of operation theatres, patient mixup reduction, increase workplace safety, diagnostic assistance, remote monitoring, patient care, and more.

Predictive Maintenance

Machine faults and downtimes hamper operational flow and overall sales performance. Detect any possible faults beforehand with computer vision-driven predictive maintenance systems.

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