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Zamorin Global Ventures is a research, data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and tech company that specializes in building custom solutions for complex problems.

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Deploy Ultra-precise Large Language Models

Harness the power of language understanding and make Natural Language Processing (NLP) a part of your business toolkit.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP), an auxiliary of AI, is a key enabler of digital transformation. As a leading Indian NLP company serving the global market, Zamorin Global works at the bleeding edge of machine learning. From our HQ in Calicut, our office in the UAE, and our kitchen tables, we use NLP to make our digital lives easier and more productive.

  • Label data programmatically.
  • Train models efficiency.
  • Improve performance iteratively.
  • Deploy applications rapidly

Achieve Clarity With Ultra-Precise NLP Models

About 80% of an organization's data is unstructured. We develop and deliver smarter NLP algorithms to remove ambiguity, unlock unstructured data, generate relevant content and imbue greater meaning into your business workflow.

Natural Language Processing Expertise

From text classification to sentiment, semantic, syntax, and context analysis, we can help you leverage the power of NLP for a better understanding of your customers and Market.

Content enrichment

Deriving and determining structure from text to enhance and augment your unstructured data.

Easily Integrate Your Models

Easily extend our flagship CV models with your own AI models or build your custom models.

Data cleansing and categorization

Establishing clarity on features/highlights of interest in the text by removing distracting text components. Then, organizing and labeling them.

Taxonomy creation

Creating a hierarchical framework of relationships among concepts in the text

Intent recognition

Identifying words that indicate a user's intent, often used to track customer actions.

Topic Analysis

Extracting meaning from text by identifying recurrent texts

Entity or Object recognition

Identifying text that represents people, objects, places, or organizations.

Sentiment analysis

Extracting meaning from text to analyze its emotion, opinion, or sentiment.

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