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What You Get?

Work with what you have.


A New Revenue Stream

Get a percentage of the monthly reseller fee, for as long as the client uses OneApp solutions.


New Targets

Take advantage of our innovative solutions to open up new targets and expand your customer portfolio


Happy Customers

We promise, OneApp solutions are quick and super easy to set up and maintain.


We'll be your BFF

No, but really, we will provide needed technical support that you lack in-house.

You May Be A

Strategic Firm

  • Retail consultant
  • Management consultant
  • Business intelligence company

Technical Firm

  • Systems integrators
  • Telco & wireless companies
  • Tech Hardware vendors
  • Independent software Vendors (ISV) & resellers
  • Global technology partners

Creative Firm

  • Product Design & Innovation agency
  • Digital signage providers
  • Retail innovators

Are You A Good Fit?

With global customers in 10+ countries (and counting), OneApp's reseller program is the right fit, if you are

We believe in quality service and expect you to do the same. We strive to offer the best solutions for a competitive price. However, being the lowest common denominator isn't our objective.

As our reselling partner, your role is to talk to clients, brag about our USPs, and sign them up on OneApp. You have to be prepared to discover new opportunities with OneApp solutions & want to include it as a fixed item in your offerings.

Local companies understand the local market and business better than outsiders. That is why you are and will always be better than us at communicating with the local clients.

Come, Let's Partner!

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