Be Known For ExceptionalCustomer Experience - Not Long, Wait Time.

73% of customers back out of a purchase or appointment if they have to wait more than 5 minutes

Whether you are an appointment-based business, first come, first served business, or both, OneApp Queue Management System helps reduce the time your customers spend waiting in lines. And that means more customers stick around, even during your busiest hours.

How OneApp's Queue Management System works

We've helped businesses around the globe create personalized waiting experiences and give more efficient service. So we know what it takes to up your brand's customer experience management practices and delight customers.

Let People Pre-Book & Join The Queue

OneApp integrates your online booking service and identifies customer needs before they arrive. It also empowers your staff with the right data that enable them to screen and prioritize customers, plan the workload, and be more productive.

Quick and easy check-in

Give customers complete control over check-ins and transactions through a self-service kiosk or an on-site tablet. With data, like the number of visitors you receive or who has waited for the longest and for which service, you can optimize staffing and eliminate operational bottlenecks.

Key Features Explained

Cloud Technology

OneApp Queue Management Solution is 100% web-based and is standard-browser supportive. With extensive API, you can configure and integrate our queueing solution into any software.

Powered By Self-Service

59% of consumers prefer self-service over receptionists or cashiers. Multi-function self-service kiosks keep check-in/out lines shorter, overhead low, and mix-ups to a minimum

Digital Ticket

Save your visitors' time; receive and serve them whenever they want. With our queue management solution, customers will know waiting conditions in real time for each of your services.

Precise wait time estimates

Tailored machine learning models estimate wait times according to your business' waitlist management criteria. Changes will be updated real-time and your visitors will be automatically notified.

Extensive data & predictive analysis

Track the insights of customer behavior with real-time data for different locations and lines through a centralized dashboard. Know the outcomes of the duration of service, customer flow, staff performance, different transaction types and more.

Tailored Queuing Solution

OneApp enables you to choose the modules as per your business needs, and offers you a tailor-made queue management solution. Get the queuing system as a perpetual, on-premise license from the SaaS option.

Bring Transparency Into The Waiting Process

Waitlist data doesn't just have to live in the app or ticket. Display it anywhere on the big screen or embed it directly into your site.

Customizable queue displays can also be integrated into digital signage and update it automatically as visitors check in and appointments are served

Applicable To All Industries

Our Queue Management System can be easy, professional, and effective, no matter the industry. OneApp provides custom queue solutions for most business sectors and use cases.

Bank & credit institutions

Hospitals, clinics & labs

State institutions

Commercial enterprises

Service centers

Consulting firms

Hospitality industry

Air & railway ticket centers

Universities & Educational institutions

Public & counseling centers

Manage your queues with OneApp